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Rain Showers

So allow me to share my thoughts. I won’t try to make it poetic or romantic for fear that it’ll lose it’s genuineness. Maybe you’ll get something from it and maybe you won’t but I hope you do. 

Today I decided to go to the grocery store. A simple idea. So I got ready (nothing fancy, scrub bottoms, flat shoes, no socks, a hoodie, a scarf, a skully and some earrings… I love earrings). I kissed my better half and walked outside and to my surprise it was warmer than I expected. Still cool outside but not what you would expect on Jan 5th with a winter storm watch going on. It’s gloomy outside but and a bit windy. So I go back in the house to see if Shad wants to walk to the grocery store with me. 

So a little back story, yesterday we were going to go to the park. He wanted to walk… I didn’t know that. He will walk almost anywhere if you will let him. So since we didn’t get to walk yesterday I thought it would be nice if we walked to the store together. Now if he didn’t want to go I was going to drive but he said he’d put some clothes on real fast and we’d go. 

So we went. The walk there was fine. Talking about life and laughing. Normal right? Right? Well closer to the store it starts to lightly sprinkle and I’m just hoping it stays like that. So in the store we get what we need and go to checkout and an employee mentions that it’s cold and rainy outside. 

My first thought… “ahhh F**K”. Shad is still cool, joking about how he’s gonna wrap me up so I don’t get sick. So we get outside, it’s not any colder than we went walked to the store. The difference is the cold rain. It’s not raining hard but the wind has it going at a slant so it hits you in the face. We were fine for a while but when we turned the corner from the shopping center that wind hit us right in the face with the rain. We’re still laughing somehow. Walking in the rain isn’t so bad… we even took a short cut home. I joke about how I’m just gonna quit where I am and he must go on and he replies with how he won’t leave me and he won’t do it without me so I must keep going. lol. 

We make it home, still laughing and joking and talking about how when we make our kids walk to the store and they complain about getting rained on we can laugh because it happened to us. 

Then I thought about it, it would have been easier (and dryer) for me to just drive to the store and come back but I wouldn’t have gotten that experience. So sometimes in life it’s more beneficial to go a route that might be more difficult. We did it together which made it easier. Being together made it worth it. Everything doesn’t have to be complicated.

Okay, back so football and cuddling. lol =)



So we have come to a decision in our household. This year Rashad and I are going to celebrate Kwanzaa this year. I am personally excited. It’s something we we have decided to do as part of our tradition in our lives and our family. With that being said do any of you celebrate Kwanzaa? Would you like to share your experiences with us? Why you like it? Etc?

Also, I will do my best to actively blog about it each day. YAY for new things and doing things in your life for you.


Catching Up

It’s been a while since we have been here. Please forgive us. Rashad has been working a lot and me? Well I have been working a lot and finishing up school work for the semester. First semester of graduate school down. More to go. haha. 

Well since we have been gone we celebrated our first anniversary— which was so much fun. It was beautiful. It was all I could have wanted. We saw The Best Man:Holiday (great movie, please go see it if you haven’t already). We went to the Kanye West Concert & it was honestly AMAZING!!! We celebrated Thanksgiving with family and friends.We lit our fireplace for the first time. So much fun. 

Rashad is working on a lot for you all. Even talking about starting a video blog. Anything you want to talk about? Ask us? Tell us? Have us tell you? 

How have you all been??

A Mans Plea

I just wish to be a righteous man
I know that its a lot to understand and difficult to fathom
But I wish to exist in harmony
In tune with eternal vibrations
Underneath natural stresses
I wish to impart my life unto my seed
I hope to teach him to read
Which is fundamental to his soul
I dont care for the rules that bind me to evil
I detest the hatred that resides in my heart
This society causes one to become blind to truth
In exchage for a lie and riches
I dont care what anyone says
I just wish to be a righteous man
And I wont die until I reach eternity

Out of the mouth overfloweth the heart. This is very very true for a lot of people and recently it has become very very very true for me. Um a little background, when I was little boy all I really wanted to be was a wise man. I wanted to be the old wise kung fu master that speaks in riddles, but more than anything I wanted to know the truth. I wanted my spirit and my soul to be in synchronization with God in every form possible. I wanted to be a righteous man. So when you feel yourself getting to that point and you know that you’re on the right path as part of the answer to your hearts desires, God gives you a task. And this task serves the purpose of God growing you and getting you closer to him, without a purpose you “the vessel” will never ever reach true enlightenment. There has to be something flowing through you, to the next one, then back to God to complete that circle. So now I have this dilemma of the task and what I believe the task is. And truthfully I’m scared because this task was meant for great men. I believe I’m great. You have to at least be on that level in some form to go and speak the truth and teach the people the ways of all that is eternal the true ways. This only reserved for great men. Everybody that you know what is a great man is a great person. So I’m like Moses, he and I have the same situation. He’s herding sheep and went up to Mount Sinai. Then he saw the bush like, “yo what’s this, its pretty cool, let me check it out”. As soon as he went up there he got his task. “GO TELL PHAROH TO LET MY PEOPLE GO”. Moses was interesting he asked some real questions like, “What am I going to say ?” “How you know the people will listen to me I’m just a sheep herder ?” And God told him to tell the people, “I am that I am.” That is the truth. So when I think about when I’m supposed to say, or will other people want to listen to me, or is anybody going to accept what I got to say; and I asked God to tell me what to say, I look inside my heart and what’s in there  ”I AM THAT I AM” and that’s in fact overflowing out of my mouth. Speak

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